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Beppe and Micaela know and love their land so they will suggest you itineraries, tours, taverns, the most beautiful beaches to enjoy your holidays

... Modernity and traditions come together without colliding.
It will be fun to get lost in the alleys of Putignano, to enter the cloisters (in local dialect, "gnostr"), born, in the past, as spontaneous aggregation of family groups or ethnic. Do not miss to visit the cathedrals, which combine a variety of unique styles: neoclassical, Baroque, Rococo, and Roman art.

Enjoy shopping, the famous Corso Umberto I in Putignano is full of chic boutiques, ideal for shopping, or for relaxing walks. Countless family-run kilns are found throughout the country, the smell of freshly baked bread will capture your imagination and you can taste the most delicious flatbread (focaccia) that you'll ever eat.

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